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Better Photographs – More Followers

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you should invest your time in learning how you may become better photographer and how you can make your images unforgettable experience for your viewers. Here are several tips how you may increase quality of your work.

Use a plain background

Proffesional photographers ause plain background in their images. Look throught camera and find flat surface before placing your subjects. Make sure there are no “weird” things around like garbage, paper, or poles that may “grow” from the head of your model.

Direct eye contact

Place yourself in a role of a viewer and make eye contact with your model via cammers. When taking a picture hold camera in the level of a sight. If you are taking photos of children you must get down, to their level and play with them. You must develop feeling when subject doesn’t need to look straight into cameras, simple change of angle may create completely different story.

Use flash outdoors

Flash is not just to be used in dark rooms and night clup photo sessions. Bright sun can create deep shadows and completely ruin your masterpiece. Use flash to neutralize that effect and lighten the face of your model. There are two options available, you may use fill-flash mode if a person is within five feet, or full power mode if a model is beyond five feet range.

Lock the focus on your camera

If your model or object is not in the center of image, you will need to lock the focus on specific object. Auto focus cameras are sharpening the core canter of image. It is not enough if you have ambition to become very good photographer, but you will need to very often move objects away from the center and create various compositions. You will need to lock focus on selected object and then make composition. Otherwise your images will not be sharp, but blurred.

Pay attention to light

A good photographer knows that the most important aspect in photography is proper usage of light and shadow. You will get best images if you are taking pictures early, in a morning or at sunset. Bright, direct sun makes very sharp, strong shadows, and we want subtle and soft shadows. Try to apply above given tips and practice your skills to become better photographer. Then you will get more followers on Instagram that will admire your work.

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