top instagram secrets

Top Instagram Secrets

There are many books available on a net today that will tell you unlimited number or tactics and details how you may become successful Instagram celebrity. You do not need to read thousand pages; all you need are :


Instagram is all about Art! If you can become quality artist, you will naturally become famous! It is obvious, isnt it! Yes, it is simple, but many do not understand power of that simple fact. Become true artist and you will be Instagram celebrity.

Connect with others

Try to connect with others and do not thing about your followers just in terms of numbers. They are real people with expatations and emotions. If you can reach them, move them and motivate them, you are on a way to your success. Focus on building meaningful relationships and also support others, your friehnds, comment their work, images.

Use your camera photos

Use the tools you like most! If you do not have newest DSLR camera with 15-300 mm objective, do not despair. You may use your phone to take great photos and there are no rules! You can also use Instagram from your computer and post camera pictures using Gramblr.

Edit and crop magic

That may create important difference and give final touch to your images. Learn way of photo experts and use crop to emphases important points on your images. Learn edit curve, lmaster tehniquest to enchant your photos. Use crop and edit in that way that your image emphases the story within.

Don’t use Instagram app!

Here is one Do not! Do not use Instagram app for taking photos! There are numerous reasons and most obvious is lack of crop or if you do not want to post your image immidiatelly you can not save the image. That is lame app solution, and please do not use it.

Follow your story

What is your story? Do you like mountains, adventure, flowers, cats? Are you urban rebel? Or business entrepreneur? Whatever your story is, tell it! Your photos will tell your story, day after day and many people will like to follow you. Make short, but suggestive inputs for your visitors to follow your future images. One important point is to be consistent. If you are expert in landscape photography, stick to it, do not mix cats, seaside, macro photography and night sky! Become specialized in that small niche where you are expert and you will instantly get huge amount of Instagram followers.

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